Aero-Tube® delivers more oxygen to water than any other aeration system on the market for less than half the cost.

From the innovation experts at Swan®, the original blue stripe Aero-Tube® hose, a major advancement in aeration technology. Aero-Tube® is a dual patented aeration hose that works in conjunction with an air supply to deliver oxygen to water in a capacity unmatched by any other aeration system on the market today–and at a fraction of the cost. Aero-Tube® features numerous tiny pores throughout its length. These micro pores allow air to pass through them with the greatest ease, creating a vast amount of micro bubbles–at an average size of 3 mm each–continuously in the water. Aero-Tube®'s micro bubbles maximize the surface area of the water, exposing more of it to the air where oxygen transfer takes place. This results in a significantly higher rate of oxygen transfer than conventional aeration systems.

Swan offers Aero-Tube® as a stand-alone product, as well as the Aero-Tube® Grid, which is the most convenient way to utilize Aero-Tube® technology. Aero-Tube® is made in the United States, specifically at Swan's manufacturing plant in Sparks, Nevada. To learn more about Swan®, click here.