Aero-Tube® Hose

The most efficient and cost-effective product for water aeration

From the innovation experts at Swan comes the original Aero-Tube® hose with the blue stripe. Aero-Tube® is a dual-patented aeration hose that works in conjunction with an air supply to deliver oxygen to water in a capacity unmatched by any other aeration system on the market today—and at a fraction of the cost.

Aero-Tube® pores

Aero-Tube® features numerous tiny pores throughout its length.

These micro pores allow air to pass through them with the greatest ease, creating a vast amount of micro bubbles—at an average size of 3 mm each—continuously in the water. Aero-Tube®’s micro bubbles maximize the surface area of the water, exposing more of it to the air where oxygen transfer takes place. This results in a significantly higher rate of oxygen transfer than conventional aeration systems.

Micro bubbles also take longer to rise in water and stay intact in water longer. This gives the bubbles prolonged exposure to the water, providing an abundance of dissolved oxygen through the bubble-water interface, as opposed to breaking at the surface and releasing the oxygen into the atmosphere.

Aero-Tube® also produces superior water circulation.

Not only is this important to aeration, it improves water quality. In aquaculture applications for example, the water circulation created by Aero-Tube® helps keep solids for fish and shrimp suspended for consumption, instead of settling at the bottom of the tank where they can produce harmful ammonia and nitrates.

Aero-Tube® circulation
Aero-Tube® aeration

Aero-Tube® reduces energy costs by up to 75%.

Because of Aero-Tube®’s highly porous surface, it offers little resistance to the air pushing through its tiny pores. This means you need less energy to get the air into the water, resulting in much lower energy usage and expense. In fact, in performance tests with traditional aeration systems such as paddlewheels, Aero-Tube® reduces energy costs by up to 75 percent!

Aero-Tube® also saves you money by being a low-cost, low-maintenance product. Compared with other aerations systems, Aero-Tube® is considerably less expensive to start up. And with no moving parts, Aero‑Tube® requires much less maintenance. For instance, paddlewheels, aspirators and other aeration technologies require regular—and sometimes extensive and expensive—upkeep and repairs.

The Aero-Tube® hose is also incredibly durable and flexible, requiring only to be rinsed with water to keep it in top working condition for years.

Swan’s Aero-Tube® technology is already being used worldwide with great success. Its oxygen transfer rate and energy efficiency coupled with affordability make it the ultimate aeration system, ideal for a variety of applications. These include aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, wastewater treatment or any application requiring effective input of air in water.

Aero-Tube® flexibility
  • Rubber/polyethylene diffuser hose
  • Thick porous walls
  • Highly durable and flexible; will not break, even if stepped on
  • Anti-Algal and antimicrobial
  • Made in the USA
Outside diameter
25.4 mm
1.00 in
Inside diameter
12.7 mm
0.5 in
Wall thickness
6.35 mm
0.25 in
328 g/m
.22 lbs/ft
Roll length
30.48 m
100 ft
Roll weight
9.98 kg
22 lbs
Burst pressure
5.5 bar
80 PSI
Optimal airflow
0.4 ft³/min/ft
  • Antimicrobial coating reduces fouling and blockage.
  • Provides significantly higher oxygen transfer rates
  • Creates higher dissolved oxygen levels
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 75 percent
  • Lack of moving parts equals low-maintenance
  • Allows for higher stocking densities
  • Allows for higher feeding rates
  • Allows for more frequent feedings
  • Faster growth and reduced feed conversion rate
  • Low start-up and replacement costs
  • Cleans easily with water, no chemicals needed
  • Long-lasting, can be used for as long as 10 years
Suggested Use

Aero-Tube® is compatible with both regenerative blowers and linear air pumps. Optimal airflow is 2.2m³/hr/m (0.4 cfm). Recommended hose length for air intake on one side is 4–5 m, and 8–10 m for air intake on both sides. Hose end can be heat-sealed or fitted with a plug and clamp. Aero-Tube® needs to be fastened or weighted because of floating. For best results, the blue stripe should be face down.

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