Aero-Tube® Grid

The most convenient way to utilize Aero-Tube® technology

The Aero-Tube® Grid is engineered to optimally use Aero-Tube® aeration tubing. It includes an injection-molded HDPE plastic frame and 20.1 meters (66 feet) of Aero-Tube® aeration hose attached with stainless steel clamps. Simply connect the Aero-Tube® Grid to an air supply and immediately experience its high efficiency—infusing up to 300 m3/hr of air into water— as well as the low costs associated with Aero-Tube® technology. The Aero-Tube® Grid can be used in a wide variety of applications, from aquaculture to wastewater treatment.

Aero-Tube® Grid
  • Injection-molded HDPE plastic frame
  • Aero-Tube® aeration tubing:
    • Rubber/polyethylene diffuser hose
    • Thick porous walls
    • Highly durable and flexible, will not break if stepped on
    • Anti-Algal and antimicrobial
  • Stainless steel clamps
1.2 m
3.94 ft
1.05 m
3.44 ft
Length of Aero-Tube
20.1 m
66 ft
Recommended Air Pressure
44 m³/hr
1544 ft³/hr
Air Flow Resistance

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